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Eva has suffered a terrible loss, the death of her sister Katrina. Eva's last loving duty to her sister, Katrina, is to return to their childhood in Cornwall. Eva believes this is the place Katrina would pick for her last resting place. While there, Eva spends many memorable moments with childhood friends. Friends whom she and Katrina enjoyed once upon a time along with their stepmother, Claire. 

The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley is a Time Travel novel. The story is lovely and heavy with meaning about relationships. All of the characters whether villains are not make the novel feel real and intense. There are Mark and Susan, brothers and sisters. Claire, as said, is their stepmother, Eva is a long time friend. Oliver is another friend who enjoys and sees the wonder in Irish History. Another friend is Felicity. Felicity is an entrepreneur who wants to open a tea shop. 

Then, there is another set of characters to meet. The ones whom Eva meets when she falls from the Twenty First century and back into the Eighteenth century. There is Daniel. He is handsome, strong and definitely knows how to make a lady feel wanted. To me, he is the epitome of a romantic hero. Then, there is his brother, Jack. Jack is a womanizer and a man who loves his rum. There  is Fergal, a friend. He is loyal to a fault. There is Constable Creed. It is easy to hate him. After all, he's out to catch smugglers. Daniel, Jack and Fergal are the best of smugglers. Smuggling on the Sally is how they spend their days. There is also Daniel's dead wife.

At first the way Eva would fall back into the past left me feeling odd. I couldn't quite picture how it was happening. Then, the more times she came or went I could picture the way it happened. In The Rose Garden there is a love of life. There is a desire that life didn't have to change. There is the desire to love your neighbor as yourself. It seems each person wants to help the other person. For example, Eva leaves her trust fund to the residents at Trelowarth House. When she goes back, Claire, Mark and Susan are faced with the fact that they could lose everything. Eva is determined this must not happen. Hence, she leaves the trust.  Then, there is Fergal. When Eva falls back in time, Fergal has Eva's back. If she needs to change from her modern dress, he is there to help her. If there is an awkward moment in front of the constable, he fills the moment with words that could save Eva from being taken as a witch or worse. He even comes up with the idea that Eva should pretend she can't talk. This idea really keeps her safe. 

The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley made me think about what if we could change History. Of course, History can never change. The way an incident happens might change, but History will always play out in the same way. So, I suppose the present days are our treasure chest. We can't make people not become ill or die. It is already written. It must be lived out. Looking forward to reading more novels by this author.


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