A Shakespearean Garden

It's the first day of spring. What a perfect time to finish reading a novel by Ellen Herrick titled "The Forbidden Garden." Sorrel Sparrow, one of four sister, goes to London. Her duty is to restore a Shakespearean Garden. While the family who own the garden have continued to grow and remain vibrant, the garden has been left to die.

This is a second book in a series. The first book about the Sparrows is named "The Sparrow Sisters." Their last name is like a call to nature. Unfortunately, there is little information in "The Forbidden Garden" about the sisters. Just enough is given to wake up the curiosity. I especially worried about the death of one sister. I also began to wonder about how they were treated in their town. Often, women who have special abilities or talents are seriously thought of as witches. By the way, I don't feel a person has to read the first book. I thought of this as a stand alone because it focuses on Sorrel's magical gift.

While Sorrel walks around Kirkwood Hall and the grounds and meets the family, the desire to stand in her shoes overcame me. Kirkwood Hall is full of mysteries about tapestries and a diary. Also mysterious is the strain of cruelty running through the Kirkwood line.

It is a Family saga about family, an English family. It's amazing what Sorrel discovers as she goes about her work. For example, there are very old bricks. They are as old as the Tudor Era. My Armchair Archaeology feelings began to rise.

This novel is one I would like to read again. It's definitely a keeper. Simply because I loved the setting. Each time I pick it up there is new treasure to dig through and sort out. If only I had Wags, the dog, to follow me around. Of course, I would have to ask my cat. ellenherrick.com
Thank you for a courtesy copy from Harper And Collins


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