A Family's Ups And Downs

If you want to learn about the important issues facing Americans today, read about this family. "Tell Me How This Ends Well" by David Samuel Levinson is about a Jewish family. There are three siblings: Mo, Jacob and Edith. These three deal with personal problems as well as troubles with their parents. This family is ordinary because of their differences. No family circle conforms to an exact Pollyanna image. This family is extraordinary because of a murderous plan put together by the brothers. David Samuel Levinson book becomes a premeditated bloody mystery.

The plan is shocking. However, it is not without reality. Who knows what siblings discuss in their bedrooms and in their cars before coming to the dinner table? I liked the fact that the author surprised me and frightened me with this deadly plan.

Many men do not get along with their fathers. This father,for example, is set in his ways. He is outspoken. He wants his children to look like a photograph taken during a picnic. They must smile and say cheese all at the same time.

To say the least, he is in danger of stagnation. Will he stop talking and truly listen? Without change, I fear he will lose his family and stand alone smelling the bottom of a pond. When Jacob brings home Dieter, it is a shock. The incident is likened to the movie "Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?"

There are high drama moments which will cause shock, sadness, puzzlement, etc. The family is definitely a living organism. In whispering tones, I will share Dieter and Jacob's romantic displays of affection. You might wish that their romantic displays would happen in a closed barn.

Then, there is Edith his lovely, sweet daughter. Who knew? Aye, Yai, Yai, I hear the father groaning. His prize daughter, the school teacher is facing troubles too. Again, reality stalks the home with a sash of shame or anger.

Any one of us might have to dance this high energy dance in our own living rooms one day, or have we already danced it and want to try to win the contest again with our secret selves.

This book is a 'what would I do if' moment. Seriously, it is the chance to decide what is more important? High ideals or an unbroken family bond? "Tell Me How This Ends Well" is definitely not boring.

It also includes the dreadful days of old age, illness and death. Does life just circle around to nothingness or is it a new beginning? David Samuel Levinson seems to ask us to just 'think' It really won't hurt. Let's just look at the hard stuff where Pollyanna might disappear for a while and where there is no Peter Pan. ( )


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