Thursday, March 5, 2015

Always Remember His Commandments

This morning I read a verse in Deuteronomy. It is about the importance of keeping God's word in our hearts and minds (Deuteronomy 6:6-7). I also thought about jewelry. At different times in my life, family have given me religious jewelry. First, I remember receiving a sterling silver Ten Commandment bracelet. On each charm shaped like a tiny tablet was a commandment. All ten of the commandments were on the bracelet. Then, I remember a necklace that belonged to my mother. From the chain hung of the necklace hung a tiny glass ball trimmed in gold. Inside the the glass ball was a mustard seed. I also once owned a pretty cross with a tiny magnifying glass in the center. When you squinted your eye and looked inside you could read The Lord's Prayer. Then, a few years ago my husband gave me a gold cross. Jesus' body is there on the cross as He was being crucified.

All of these pieces of jewelry came to mind while reading Deuteronomy this morning. However, the better way to keep God's word as a focus is to center it in our hearts and minds everyday. Corrie Ten Boom and her sister did this everyday in a concentration camp. The book is The Hiding Place. There is also a movie about their inspirational journey through this bad period in World History. Neither sister forgot about God's promise to stay with them in the midst of trying times. God wants us to think of His word, His Commandments all day long in whatever circumstances we might face. David said His word was His meditation all the day long. Although some of my jewelry has passed through other hands or gotten lost, more importantly is the fact that God's word will never fade from my mind. There is no reason to worry. In His word, John speaks about The Holy Spirit. He says The Holy Spirit will help us remember all things that we have been taught. Praise God!

Cat Thursday (Cats in Art)

Cats in Art

Pablo Picasso

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wondrous Words

A cord designed to hold something around the neck, usually with a clip at the end on which to fasten the object. Used for easy exposure and/or quick access to an ID badge, keys,
"She didn't look up at Ned. Instead, she began stuffing the name card into the lanyard a little bit faster for a few seconds, trying to gather the courage to say what she really wanted to say."

Giving The Smallest Part Of Our Day To God

Sometimes life can seem exhausting. There is physical exhaustion, but there is also emotional exhaustion. Every moment our mind is doing some sort of mental exercise. Sometimes these exercises are automatic like lifting our arm to put a glass in the cabinet or bending down to pick up a magazine. Still, the brain is working. Then, there are the chores that aren't done on a daily basis like driving down an icy road in the winter or painting a kitchen wall. All of these activities take concentration whether done everyday or every six months.  All of these activities tax the mind. Sometimes it's necessary to sew a button on again. The first one might have been sewn on too loosely. If we make a mistake while working on a project, we use more brain power. This can cause fatigue and even crankiness.

To avoid crankiness, these routine or not so routine chores need to be taken before God's Throne in prayer. God doesn't time our prayers. I believe He hears quickie prayers too. God wants us to experience mentally healthy, happy days. All of these activities are small life lessons. God and His Angels are with us while we are going through a twenty-four hour period.  Just centering our mind on Him in prayer can make life more abundant.
Psalm 55:22

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

First Chapter First Paragraph

"A task-force investigation is like a fast moving train. Divert it onto the wrong track and it'll derail. At some point, somewhere, it'll slam into a wall or plunge down a hill, and when it goes, it'll take a lot of people with it. It's just a matter of time."

The Ming and I by Tamar Myers

I had so much fun in the Den of Antiquity. This is an antique store in Charleston, South Carolina. It's owned Abby Timberlake. Throughout The Ming and I by Tamar Myers, Abby or her friends Rob and Bob who also own an antique store name fine antiques. I couldn't resist looking up the Ming vase. I Found one that sold for a cool 1.3 million dollars in real life. When not thinking about the different antiques and wanting desperately to go window shopping down some antique row, I had to figure out who murdered Joan Troyan, a woman visiting Abby's antique shop. Sadly, Joan is standing in line with a Ming vase when a car shoots through the display window of the shop and kills her. What an awful way to die, I did think about how many other shoppers might have gotten killed by that car including Abby.

Anyway, this is the beginning of a mystery that snakes its way through the streets of Charlotte and all the way back to Roselawn Plantation. Since I am a child or ancestor of past slaves, I become a little bit antsy just hearing the word plantation. However, it is made clear in the cozy that we played a very big part in American History on the grounds of those fine homes.

I have to admit to loving ghosts. So, it felt good to meet Maynard and other ghosts. When a lady shoots with an ancient Civil War gun owned by a ghost, the gun really works. This is a fun cozy. Really enjoyed having Abby's mother along for the ride. She always wears a strand of pearls, and she's always twisting them. I had to laugh out loud a time or two at the words she would say. Abby and her mother go together like a hat and a pair of gloves. Tamar Myers must love humor and good times. Antiques? I'm thinking 'for sure.'

I still Remember

Many years ago God took my mother home to Glory. Still, her words ring in my ears. At one point in my childhood, I was plagued with nightmares. I might have been eight or nine years old. One particular day after a sleepless night my mother told me, "whenever one of those boogie-man dreams makes you want to run under the bed, call me I will come. Also, repeat the Bible verses I taught you. Remember Psalm 23?." I would repeat those verses during a church recital in Baltimore while visiting my aunt and uncle. For my effort, I won a brand new Bible. The Bible was all white and the page  were edged  in bright gold. I felt so happy. Now I think of Psalm 23 as one of God's rescue verses. All I have to do is read or repeat the first verse of Psalm 23, immediately I am taken to a place of hope and safety. I am rescued. I am fond of the family memories surrounding  this verse. I am also a lover of sheep. This Psalm helps me see Jesus as The Divine Shepherd. I have never seen a shepherd in a painting, photograph or movie who does not appear deeply concerned for his sheep. He has their best interests at heart.

Since Jesus is the Most Highest Shepherd, there is no need to doubt His promise that our daily needs no matter how small are at the forefront of His mind.  All that is needed is the desire to rest and abide in Him. Then, we will never want. When I look back at those dark, ugly childhood nights, I know Jesus acted as my Shepherd. After a repeat of the Psalm, I would go back to sleep and rest peacefully. The bad dream would never return during that night. Today I want to strive to see The Lord as my Shepherd. If I can remember, I will write down the particular times I have a need to call on Him.I will also write down the times I fail and just crumble in a puddle of tears. I think The Lord will help me make this a fun exercise. I'm afraid to try this little challenge, but again Psalm 23 tells me "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want." 

Psalm 23