Friday, October 24, 2014

Song Of My Life by Carolyn J. Brown

Margaret Walker wrote poetry and a great novel titled Jubilee. The novel, Jubilee, is based on the life of Margaret Walker's great grandmother. Margaret Walker led a fascinating life as she made her way to Iowa and other places completing her education. She lived in Mississippi. At one point, she lived across the street from Medgar Evers. She was out of town on the night he was gunned down by an assassin's bullet. Carolyn J. Brown writes about Margaret Walker with great admiration. Margaret Walker had a never give up spirit, a fighting spirit. She knew what she wanted and had the bravery to go after what she wanted.  After meeting Langston Hughes for the first time, she asks him to read her poetry. He took her work and read it. When she meets him at another reading affair, she asks him to read her work again. This time he turns her down. I admired her ability to ask such an important man to read her work. She wasn't a shrinking wall flower.

It was very interesting to read about Walker's feelings about Alex Haley. Some time after Roots was published,, Margaret Walker criticized him and sued Alex Haley for taking pieces from her work, Jubilee, and using those pieces in Roots. She didn't whisper about it. She took Alex Haley to court.

Then, there is her fight about where her important manuscripts should go after her death. People automatically concluded she would choose the Library of Congress. Margaret Walker said a resounding no, not there. She felt her manuscripts would go unused in the Library of Congress ending up in a dusty drawer in a dark cellar. In the same place where they placed information about Native Americans. She wanted Black students to be able to use her papers for research. The continued watering of the Black Culture, keeping it alive and growing, were very important to her. Her manuscripts and other papers are now housed in Mississippi easily accessible to students and researchers and those curious about her life.

Margaret Mitchell died because of cancer. Her name will never die. There is all her poetry, letters and the book, Jubilee. I am grateful for the photographs placed in the book by Carolyn J. Brown. I especially liked the photo of Margaret Walker's desk, her typewriter and a favorite hat she wore. All that I know about Margaret Walker came from Song Of My Life. Thank you for writing it and not omitting information about segregation and other hard times faced by American Black people who are our literary stars today. My thanks to NetGalley for a courtesy copy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

"Margaret's favorite room was the front room "with two large oak chairs, a library table, and two small walls that were covered with books. It was my favorite hiding place. I would take a book and hide under a chair and read myself to sleep. Grandma would call me to come and wash dishes and I wouldn't answer. I never read all the books in that room but I formed a great admiration and awe for books at that time."

Monday, October 20, 2014

First Chapter First Paragraph

About six months later, September 1882

"Tristan Charles Axelrose guided his mare under the wooden sign spanning the width of the narrow, wagon-tracked road. COTTON RANCH. This was the place. The outfit the sheriff of Logan Meadows had informed him was looking to hire. A good twenty minute ride from town, across some of the prettiest country he'd seen in a while. The land was sparse of humans but thick with wildlife, foliage and trees."(courtesy of Amazon)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Renewing Your Mind by Neil T. Anderson

"Becoming a Christian takes a person or persons down a new and different road. Neil T. Anderson explores how we become new creatures in Christ in the book Renewing Your Mind. I mostly felt blessed by the chapters about depression and hopelessness. I felt very moved to read a long paragraph about Leo Tolstoy's battle with depression and his suicidal thoughts. As Neil T. Anderson writes about the names of our battles he gives written journal entry questions at the end of each chapter. The book is user friendly.

Perhaps, I'm suppose to find something wrong with this book to prove my critical thinking cap is on my head. I can not find any complaint with the book. There are chapters about anger, self worth and anxiety. There is a Bell Curve that shows our state of being from the moment we hear about a crisis until we work our way out of the given trauma. I am grateful to have been given this courtesy copy by Bethany House. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? I'm still reading A Wedding And A Killing by Lauren Carr. It's a mystery. I'm almost finished it. It's for a book tour with Pump Up Your Books. I did finish reading  Renewing Your Mind by Neil T. Anderson. Now I'm also reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. It's really hard to put down. Need to get back to my Net Galley reading. Need to start Song of my Life by Carolyn J. Brown. It's been on my blog too long.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wondrous Words

"She cried for an hour and then thrashed and lay still and got up and threw up and lay down and cried again, until it was too dark to see and she fell into a half sleep, her head full of (phantasms). Each time she looked up, there was the strange, tiny, semihuman face staring in at her through the screen. It was a bad and long night, and she did not sleep until nearly dawn."

Phantasms   a figment of the imagination or disordered mind. (merriam-webster dictionary)

2. "Far off to the east stood the campanile on the UC campus, shining like a needle."

Campanile   A bell tower not attached to a building......(Free Dictionary)

3. Cere a usually waxy protuberance or enlarged area at the base of the bill of a bird. (Merriam-Webster dict.)

"He read several times Forshaw's description of the Alexandrine, relishing the guilty pleasure that arose from knowing that he would never have admitted to admiring anything so poetic in other literature: generl plumage green; cheeks suffused with bluish-grey; faint blackish stripe from cere to eyes." Alexandrine parrot

Monday, October 13, 2014

First Chapter, First Paragraph

Deep Creek Lake, Maryland--Present Day

"Keeping her pale blue eyes on the screen of her laptop, she giggled at the feel of his hot breath brushing through her wavy platinum locks to tickle her neck. "I'm almost ready. Why don't you go bother Molly and let me get my out-of-office replies set up for my email?"