Monday, July 6, 2015

Capital Crimes Edited by Martin Edwards

Not only are the short stories fun to read in Capital Crimes London Mysteries Edited by Martin Edwards, there is also an interesting introduction about Vintage classics. This anthology of short stories is set in the city of London. My favorite two stories are The Little House by H.C. Bailey and The Silver Mask by Hugh Walpole. Both have something I like: a cat and Art.  I also liked reading the biographies of the authors. These short biographies are at the beginning of each chapter. H.C. Bailey had a heart for children who suffer abuse. Hugh Walpole was known for writing psychological suspense, and there is more to learn about Arthur Conan Doyle. He felt happier about his historical fiction Now I have a strong interest in British Mystery Classics. I have visited Scotland Yard once again with excitement.poisonedpenpress

Friday, July 3, 2015

Christ In You by Eric B. Johnson

It is highly wondrous to believe that Christ lives in us. This is the journey Eric B. Johnson takes us on in Christ In You. In nine different chapters, he shows different ways Christ shines His Light within us. One way is through faith to see His Kingdom beginning now while still believing the fullness of the Kingdom will come at a future time. If faith is used today, there is the possibility to see that miracles still happen today.

No miracle look the same in any one person's life. The believer must hold on to whatever way Christ chooses to work in his or her life. I see it as asking God for the daily strength to help us accept whatever way He chooses to answer our prayers.

The author tells about his Grandfather's death. He asks The Lord to allow his Grandfather to live twenty more years. Not a huge request if you believe in God's power to sustain life. However, his grandfather dies much sooner. Eric Johnson and family do not lose faith. They endured the trial. Then, they moved forward with their church and continued to watch Christ work with cancer and sicknesses in other people's lives. Their prayers helped others to grow. At the end of Christ In You, the author writes "My prayer is that you will realize what Christ in you is and that you will experience it in your everyday life, the way God intended." 


Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Summer's Night

THE night is dewy as a maiden's mouth,
The skies are bright as are a maiden's eyes,
Soft as a maiden's breath the wind that flies
Up from the perfumed bosom of the South.
Like sentinels, the pines stand in the park;
And hither hastening, like rakes that roam,
With lamps to light their wayward footsteps home,
The fireflies come stagg'ring down the dark.

The Innocent A Novel By Ann H. Gabhart

Vicksburg in June 1863

"She hadn't heard from Ambrose since Vicksburg in June 1863. Over two years ago. But she had no proof he was dead. The army said missing. Missing wasn't dead. Ambrose might yet find his way home."

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

First Chapter First Paragraph

September 15, 1865

"When she saw the two men riding down the lane toward her house, Carlyn Kearney lifted the shotgun down off the long nails that held it over her front door. One of the men was a stranger, but the other one was not. She needed to keep a gun between her and that man. Not that she intended  to shoot between her and that man. Not that she intended to shoot anybody, but she wasn't about to let Curt Whitlow know that."

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Restoring All Things by Warren Cole Smith John Stonestreet

It is good to learn that the Kingdom of God is an experience we can have "here and now." According to these two authors, Smith and Stonestreet, we don't have to wait until the future to experience that joyful type of living. I have always believed that the abundance of  prosperity and peace will not be experienced until we die and hopefully join Jesus in Heaven. I'm use to thinking about the Great by and by. However, the beginning is now.

I also found it interesting to learn  that Christian college students may change their way of thinking after taking a course of study at a university. Christian ideas it seem are gently pushed aside or forcibly removed by professors who are not Christians or hold very liberal ideas. Therefore, political ideologies held before college might change after a student enters the college doors.

The subtitle of Restoring All Things really sticks in my mind. "God's audacious plan to change the world through everyday people." That means if we are willing to work, all of us can experience the Kingdom today in the Twenty-first