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Just beginning to appreciate this one. I've not read much Fantasy. I am caught up in the story because of Nomish and Hadlay. They are two young people with other young people from another clan who are forced to live with the Emperor. Although he is powerful, he lacks the values of the Ramash. The Emperor, his son and the people in the palace are Oreseds.

The book makes me think about the importance of family and the place called home. So many oppressed people are taken faraway from their home and loved ones to learn a new way of life. I'm sure the feeling is most miserable.

"A sudden, aching homesickness overwhelmed her."

Before the story ended Hadlay and those friends and enemies who choose to do it learn about The Being. He is the one able to make all their narrow paths wide and there crooked paths straight because He only knows how to give true love. His wonderful willingness to save those in trouble makes The Being look beautiful. He s…



A Marriage Carol by Chris Fabry and Gary Chapman

MOODY PUB. KINDLE It is Christmas time. In most home this time of the year is the most joyous time of the year. However, Marlee and Jacob, a couple with older children, aren't happy. As a matter of fact, they are traveling through the snow to reach a divorce lawyer. Both have decided that there marriage is on the rocks. They have gone to retreats, marriage councilors, ministers. Nothing has worked. Little do they realize that a car wreck in the snow will lead to the beginning of new changes in their life. I liked the magical element in the novel. Marlee's stirring snow in a pan over a fire until it melts  in this enchanted cozy home allows her to see her past roll before her like a movie. "So, my husband has shown you the power of snow." The novella, A Marriage Carol by CHRIS FABRY & GARY CHAPMAN filled me with hope for all broken relationships. "There is no barren place on earth that love cannot grow a garden. Not even your heart." I also realized that…

Everything Has A Purpose



A family is a miraculous system of people. In one family so many different issues can happen to different family members at the same time. People think it's amazing when families don't get along with one another. I am beginning to wonder if it's amazing when families do continue to love and stick together through thick and thin. In THE OTHER SISTER by CHERI PARIS EDWARDS, there are two sisters who are very different in character. Carla fights a weight problem. Every candy bar calls to her. I think she eats to deal with the emotional pain in her life. Sanita Jasmine deals with her problems by running away from them. In one way both sisters are the same in outlook. You see both sisters fall for the same guy, Terrence Catchings. I couldn't help but think how stressful life must become when two siblings are attracted to the same person because of course, the guy can only pick one sister to love.

"Carla was introverted and naturally gifted academically while Sanita wa…


It is the Civil War in Virginia. It is also the present day in the same state and city. There are flashbacks throughout the novel which I loved to read. There are many letters that were written from Virginia to Maine. These letters were written by Susannah Paige to her cousin Eleanor. A SOUND AMONG the TREES by SUSAN MEISSNER focuses on the harsh realities of the Civil War. It is about the stress of remaining loyal to the South or North. This decision involved families. Families divided and became firmly resolved in whether to fight to uphold slavery or fight to tear down the strong fortress of American bondage.

"Did you know, Eleanor, that one tiny broken thread in a seam an lead to the eventual ruin of the entire garment? One simple bubble of air can ruin a jar of peaches? One decision you make in the blink an eye can alter your life forever?"

Throughout my life I have often heard people are still fighting the war. Isn't that amazing? I think this is why it matters how…

I'm Climbing Up....


The Keeper by Suzanne Woods Fisher


THE THREE TREES A Traditional Folktale

Elena Pasquali Short Biography: Elena Pasquali studied romance languages at university and has a special interest in researching folk tales. She worked for some years in children's publishing before going on to be an author in her own right.

Sophie Windham Short Biography: Sophie Windham has illustrated books for Bloomsbury and Orchard and was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal for Unicorns! Unicorns! by Geraldine McCaughrean.  This Traditional Folktale is such a beautiful and meaningful story. I hesitate to place an age limit. Reading it to myself is a reminder that GOD takes to heart any of our desires. It is HIS desire to please us. I feel there is more than one blessed meaning for this particular Folktale. I have named one above. Another one is whatever we choose to do with our life while following GOD'S WILL is not a hardship for GOD to help us to achieve. All of these beautiful lessons are told in an exciting way in THE THREE TREES by ELENA PASQUALI. There are …

Bound For Glory by Timothy R Botts with reflections by Patricia Raybon

This lovely unique book is broken down in to four themes: THE BIBLE STORY, TIMES OF TROUBLE, TRUE TESTIMONY and HEAVEN SOUND. Each page is wonderfully colorful like you've taken a dip in a lake of pretty paints. The spirituals on the pages are written in Calligraphy and other types of writing. These pages kept me in an adventurous and fun mood the whole time. There are also photographs in circles. These circular photographs directly relate to the spiritual on the page. There are photographs of a door, shoes, lion, clock, rocking chair and the famous Baobab tree from Africa. I felt especially drawn to the Baobab tree. The authors Timothy R Botts and Patricia Raybon describe the baobab tree in this way.

"The baobab tree, native to Africa, is one of my most memorable images of visiting South Africa. With a trunk sometimes wider than its height, it was the inspiration for me of being immovable."

Beside the photograph of the baobab tree are the words to the hymn "I Shal…



I never thought big business would interest me. After reading PATRICIA HALEY'S,BROKEN, I find reading about a dynasty's corporation fascinating. The business in Patricia Haley's novel is one run by the Mitchells. It's impossible to separate the family's conflicts from the problems in the business. It's all tightly intertwined together like a well weaved basket. Each family member pulled at my heart. I especially felt badly for Tamara. She is the sibling of all the brothers. Not all of her brothers have acted kindly toward her. As a matter of fact one brother through one dastardly act destroyed all of her self worth and the ability to trust man or woman, brother, father or mother. My heart also felt deeply for Zarah. Zarah is married to Joel Mitchell. Zarah is from India. She is alone in a foreign country without any of her family. She gives her whole heart to Joel. Sadly, Joel is selfish. He looks out only for himself. He lies to Zarah and looks a…

DEPARTURES BY Robin Jones Gunn

robingunn These two novellas about two different girls, Christy and Sierra show that all journeys are different not only in a physical way but also in a spiritual way. I think this is why the stories are so enjoyable. Christy and Sierra have such different personality types. In the first story "Now Boarding at Gate 10," Christy is on her way to the Fiftieth Anniversary party for her grandparents in the Wisconsin Dells. I really became involved with the way Christy would think about what God would want or to do or how He would want her to do it.

"Well, after meeting some friends in California who were really open about being committed to the Lord. I realized that being a Christian was a lot more than just going to church. I wanted a deeper commitment too. I wanted God to be the center of my life and not just off to the side."

"In the Event of a Water Landing" is the novella about Sierra. Not shocking, there is a layover as the kids wait for a plane take off…

The Story of NOAH'S ARK by Lori C. Froeb and illustrated by Luana Rinaldo