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It's too bad all churches aren't as eccentric and wildly enthusiastic as Mount Kneel Down Non Denominational Center. While the congregation praises THE LORD, other members are continuing to feed their habits of greed and anger. I felt really upset with Deacon Whistle who has the nerve to embezzle funds from the church. As I looked at him, I also looked at myself. I'm not embezzling church funds, but I'm far from an ideal Christian. Let's just say I'm taking care of my hateful habits without the help of detectives and a family that includes members like the two Godmothers Joy and Patience. I am also without the help of cousins like Porky and Lil' P. Each of these characters I have named are fun, really hilarious is the right term.

Pat G'Orge-Walker's mix of crime with religion and a hair salon are wonderful. This is the novel to read for calming all those strung out nerves. If I didn't feel like laughing and wanted to stay in a cry i…


This is a wonderful novel about a family's move from Georgia to Philadelphia, South to the North. AYANA MATHIS helped me keep track of the time in American History by adding the year at the beginning of the chapter. THE TWELVE TRIBES OF HATTIE begins in 1925. The novel ends in 1980. It is amazing how many important issues are covered in the novel: marriage, death, child rearing, Mental health, motherhood, family harmony or disunity. Really, I began to understand more deeply all families are really alike in one way. There is the struggle to understand one another with love while each person in the family reaches out for change. I would add change to the list of issues involved in the novel.

Hattie is like a river. Her tributaries, children, branch out and widen. Each branch of the river seems to grapple for away to gain personal strength away from the mother figure. Hattie is portrayed as remote but not hateful. I am use to mothers being portrayed as very good or very b…


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I enjoyed this Christmas novel by Jennifer Allee so much. A Wild Goose Goose Chase Christmas is about family love. However, it is an honest novel. Just because we're family doesn't mean there aren't any disagreements and misunderstandings. I think family is like friendship. The only difference is with family you live together, grow up together knowing each others most secret flaws and of course, it's impossible to pick family like you would pick a friend. Izzy's family is going through many difficulties during the happiest time of year. Yes, I have to accept it. Difficulties occur at Cristmas time too. The women in Izzy's family haven't always gotten along together. It beginning to look like a recurring pattern of frustrated feelings between mothers and daughters. Izzy's mother, Janice, didn't have a good relationship with her mother. As a matter of fact, Janice, after her mother's death, is still deal…