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The Bishop's Daughter by TIFFANY L. WARREN A NOVEL

tiffanylwarren Traveling from Cleveland, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia has been so much fun. I liked all of the characters. The ones I did not like are not worth mentioning. However, I will mention Oscar. He wants to marry Emoni, the bishop's daughter. Emoni does not return his feelings. I don't blame her. Oscar turned me off from the very beginning. He proves that being too good gives the impression of being no good.

The Bishop's Daughter by Tiffany L. Warren is the type of Christian fiction I want to read all the time. It's "real." The dialogue, the characters, the circumstances in the book are like people I have known or do know at the present time. The author made me realize the importance of blogs in the world today. Darrin throughout the novel keeps a blog telling his friends what is going on in his life. These breathing spots in the novel gave me time to laugh and release the steam building up due to what was happening in the pastor's life, i…