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Many times while reading THE WEIGHT OF SHADOWS BY ALISON STROBELI would stop myself from using the wrong title. The words The Weight of Silence would come to my mind. I felt very silly. Then I thought about the plot of  Alison Strobel's novel. The characters in the story carry the heavy weight of SHADOWS and silence. This  novel is all the better because it is Christian fiction. After a very quick romance, these two people decide to live together. They become engaged choosing their date of marriage as the next July. Rick quickly tells about his past to Kim. Kim shares her past with Rick. Both have lived through terrible childhoods. Neither Kim nor Rick have made peace with their demons. Kim knows a little about Jesus. Rick not as much as Kim. So it is a relationship void of the Savior, Jesus Christ, to guide and aid them with His comfort and eternal love. Soon the relationship changes between Kim and Rick. The changes are far from good, unpredictable and unexpected.

Crestmont by Holly Weiss

I have just ended a wonderful journey to Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania during the 1920's. The story takes place at the Crestmont Inn. Gracie is the main character who leaves home with the dream of becoming a Vaudeville singer. The book ends in the 1970's.  So we start with Gracie as a young, single woman with a strong dream making her way through life with only the new friends she meets at Crestmont Inn. Reading the book is like taking a step by step walk through any ordinary woman's life. The book is gentle and quiet. Nothing really drastic happens except for those who die from age or small accidents like a golf ball hitting one of the Woods' children on the head during the parade. Also, this is Christian fiction. There are scriptures within the story. I really loved the times when authors or titles of books were mentioned.: Sister Carrie, F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Woman in White.

I liked the book because of the daily moments that can happen to any person. It proved to …

She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell

When I began reading She Walks in Beauty by SIRI MITCHELL, I thought of Edith Wharton. I remembered Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence because the story happens in Old New York. Siri Mitchell's novel also happens in Old New York, almost at the turn of the Nineteenth century, The Gilded Age. The idealistic values of the rich, those who wish to be rich and those with either money or an influential name are the characters in She Walks in Beauty. Mainly this Christian novel is about Clara and her best friend Lizzie, the men they meet and of course, the Aunt. It is time for the coming out dance. This is the time when a lady has the chance to become a man's pick. After all, during this period, the woman does not have the right to choose her husband and friends. A woman's life is chosen for her as if she had no sense at all. God forbid if a woman is not chosen by a good man at the coming out party or if the woman strays from the path of righteousness and beco…

DARE TO TAKE CHARGE ~ HOW TO Live Your Life on Purpose by Judge Glenda Hatchett

This book, Dare To Take Charge is a special gift from Judge Glenda Hatchett. The writing style of the book is filled with a caring heart for her family, the young people and parents she met while on the bench in Fulton County, Georgia. This book also shows her intense interest for the community when she is not sitting on the bench. Judge Glenda Hatchett is one of those people who carries her heart on her shoulder for all to see. She has a heart of action that will reach out at any time to give extra time to help a person out of a dark place and into a healthy, well lighted environment. If she needs extra help, she will call and ask for it. Believe me she knows lots of important people. These other people are capable of turning a person's world around too.

There are so many memorable anecdotes in DARE TO TAKE CHARGE. One true story is about a young boy who had been abandoned. He needed his mother so badly. He was like melting putty without his mother to guide him thro…