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I stepped from Plank to Plank
A slow and cautious way
The Stars about my Head I felt
About my Feet the Sea.

I knew not but the next
Would be my final inch -
This gave me that precarious Gait
Some call Experience.

                                 Emily Dickinson

Beach waves swim calmly
over a seal.
Laughter blows wind lightly
over their  day.
Silent Seagulls fly daily
over castles of sand.

I immediately felt drawn into "The Tincture of Time" by Elizabeth L. Silver. Abby's Brain bleed is very serious. None of the doctors seem to know why it has happened. There are months and months of MRI's and other tests. While caring for her baby, Elizabeth L. Silver's mind traveled many different ways. Nothing seemed to escape this mother's mind.

In the Memoir, her thoughts travel from Faith thoughts to philosophical ones. She begins with this "tincture of time." Then, travels over to Macbeth and Hippocrates. Although some of her thoughts are above my head, they were still beautiful in writing. There is also Medical Art. Never having heard of Bioart I lost myself in the photos on the Internet.

Since the author is a lawyer, there is much to learn about malpractice. By forty years old, many doctors will have experienced one suing for malpractice. Elizabeth L. Silver's father, a doctor, suffered his share of traumatizing moments wh…

When You Don't Know Why, Who Gets The Blame?

The Tincture Of Time A Memoir Of (Medical) Uncertainty by Elizabeth L. Silver

Not wanting to share too much about this true story, I will only write that it is well worth your reading time. I've had sick babies, but I have never been subjected to the sort of questions put to the Silvers in "The Tincture Of Time". It is like a Homicide case. The family is often suspected first. Therefore, hard questions are asked of them. They must answer hard questions while in their hearts is the truth. 'I could never commit such a deed. I love them with all my heart.' The authorities whether doctors, social workers or police do not realize that long afterward the parents will feel guilt over the accusations. It breaks my heart to think how these precious moments with Abby are being destroyed. Thank goodness babies can not understand the words that leave our lips. However, I have read or heard babies can feel our stress.

I am thankful that this book did not miss my eye. I discov…

Painting And Dancing

I love good romance novels and stories. Janice L. Dennie's "Brandon's Artistic Passion" is really wonderful. Brandon and Ciarra are thoughtful. Getting to the bedroom is not their only goal. Both share their careers. Brandon is an artist. Ciarra is a ballerina. Brandon shares the fact that he is blocked. Unable to paint for a whole year. Ciarra explains about the difficulties she faces as a ballerina. She faces racism along with the every day pains faced by all ballerinas. One work related problem is Tendonitis.

While reading, I wanted to see each of the paintings named by Brandon. On the beach he sketches. He also paints Ciarra. While his love for Ciarra is deep, memories of his childhood haunt him. This explains the one year of no paint brush in hand. I also tried to picture Ciarra dancing in the Nutcracker Suite and the Firebird. I could see her in the red tutu and purple feather.

There are so many beautiful California scenes. There is the fog in S…

Her Childhood Was Not A Fairy Tale

The Con Man's Daughter: A Story of Lies, Desperation, and Finding God by Candice Curry is a sad family's true story. Candice Curry's father is like a child himself. In his daughter's eyes, he is very, very selfish. She spends most of her life striving to conquer the bad memories of her childhood. Once she grows up she takes on the battle of her step siblings. She wants to make sure that her father does not hurt another child in this life. As she struggles through many battles in life, she learns to walk in faith. God becomes the pilot of her life, her "Blessed Assurance" and her friend.

I especially remember the courtroom battle. It is a custody battle. It takes courage to tell her personal feelings about her father to the court and support her stepmother. All the while, he is there listening at each word. He proudly acts as his own lawyer.

In the end, she must step toward forgiveness of herself and help her family forgive their past of dysfunc…

Whom Shall We Talk To Next?

Nine years ago in Chicago five women disappeared. Two detectives, Evie Blackwell and David Marshall, work together trying to find a solution to the above crime along with another crime involving a murdered detective who had been working on a case about an unfaithful spouse.  Both cases have gone cold. Evie is working on the missing women, mainly a college student named Jenna. The cases begin to interweave which thickens the distasteful stew.

It would seem like Evie and David would become romantic involved while working together.  However, it never happens. As a matter of fact, neither thinks of romance because each are involved with other people. David is involved with Margaret called Maggie throughout the book. She is a very famous singer. Evie is involved with Rob. These cases are cold because six to nine years have past. The methods used by these detectives to solve these awful crimes are amazing.

In "Threads Of Suspicion" by Dee Henderson, there is the added layer of Ch…

The British And The Scottish

It was a bloody time in Scottish History. The Scots and the British hated one another. The British placed Scots, if they could catch them, in leg irons and in prisons. Although this was a brutal period, there is something romantic about strong, brave men and women fighting to keep or regain their independence.

Battles like the one at Culloden leave the imagination running wild. There is Bonnie Prince Charlie who remains in the shadows like a ghost. In 'Highland Bloodline' by Florence Love Karsner, there are pages and pages about one family, the Mackinnons. For example, there is Caitlin. She is a healer. Lightening fire can flow from her fingertips in moments and at the right time. She is there to use her healing skills on those who suffer with Scarlet Fever. There is Alex who meets his son for the very first time.

In Highland Bloodline, there are animals walking the Highlands: a wolf, a cat, the flying of an owl and not a deer but a... Its antlers are called a rac…

I'm reading this story now. Really.



Pontius Pilate's question about truth becomes more significant now. To know the difference between a truth and a lie in our mind where thoughts first begin is almost sacred. Clayton King in "Overcome" writes about living a healthy Christian life by recognizing the lies we are told. Replacing those lies with truth takes us down the correct fork in the road.

This book is full of richness while at the same time it is written so simply. His instructions on a way to live a better Christian life do not leave feelings of fear. This is another outcome of the author's strategy. We are released from fear. One scripture about truth comes to mind thanks to Clayton KIng. "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."