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When Lightning Strikes: One Man's Journey to Heaven and Back by Kay and Bobby Brunson


I have always been skeptical about out of body experiences or near death experiences. After reading "When Lightning Strikes: One Man's Journey to Heaven and Back" by Kay and Bobby Brunson, I changed my mind. The memoir is mind boggling and mind changing in its scope. When Bobby Brunson decides to put his daughter's yellow bicycle under shelter from the rain, his whole life changes. He is struck by lightning. His shoes are pulled from his feet. A long Z shape is left on his chest, and he dies for twenty-eight minutes.  When Bobby Brunson is able he shares his out of body memories with family, friends, nurses and doctors. Bobby Brunson in those few minutes had a glimpse of Heaven. He shared a conversation with his father who is dead but alive in Heaven. He saw Jesus, He also warns people that life is short, much shorter than we think. "We think we have a lot of time but we don't!"  His zeal to get this message across to people is what moved me…