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I am so glad not to have missed The FINAL SUMMIT by ANDY ANDREWS. I met very famous people. People I never expected to meet except in a biography, autobiography or documentary. I met Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver, Joan of Arc, Anne Frank, King David from the Old Testament, Winston Churchill. There are too many famous names to mention. Just like there were too many famous people attending the Final Summit. Only a few people in the crowd truly shared words and ideas with the most important person, Archangel Gabriel. As easily guessed this book takes you in the world of time travel. The participants in the Summit are called travelers. David Ponder is the host at the table.

In the center of the table is a time box. It is the most important object in the room. After all, without it some of the travelers might feel tempted to talk on and on and on. Archangel Gabriel gives the travelers one question. The question is:  what is needed to restore and establish a good civilization…


This devotional is special to me for more than one reason. I especially loved A YEAR WITH GOD BY R.P. NETTELHORST because the scripture verses are taken from the Old Testament. Often people say the Old Testament has nothing to do with our life now. After all,  we no longer need to make a Burnt offering or some other offering. Besides, Christ has come and given His life for us. The Old Testament is just about physical duties people had to fulfill in order to have a relationship with their Creator God. However, once I began to read the devotions in A Year With God it became very evident that the Old Testament is full of words telling about God's loves for me, His child. When I don't show love toward God, it hurts Him. He yearns deeply for a relationship with me, His child.  His Everlasting Love is wrapped tightly around us like a warm sheep lined jacket. The author writes "They weren't loyal to God, but God's loyalty to them never wavered. Likewise, God will rememb…


"A frog can flap its little legs and never fly."

While reading YOU CAN BE Everything GOD WANTS YOU TO BE BY MAX LUCADO, I read the above quote. I chuckled. Then, I reread the quote. I recognized the fact that at times I have acted like a frog trying to fly. When I was young, I behaved this way many times. Unfortunately, I did not own a wonderful book like the one Max Lucado has written for young people. It would have helped put my jigsaw puzzle self together. This is a very practical, God centered book.

On the front of the book is a bright orange circle. In the circle are the words "Perfect Gift FOR THE Graduate." I say amen to that advertisement. This book is one I would carry everywhere. It is small. It is light weight. It does not look like a nerdy book. The book cover fits a young woman or young man. After all, who does not love a goldfish? Besides this is a goldfish which is out of his purpose. The question comes to mind if a goldfish is not happy with his sm…

The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews

U166 Crew List The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews is an inspiring, miraculous, fascinating book. This true story is told to Andy Andrews by the couple who lived these experiences during the Forties, WWII,  in Alabama near the Gulf Coast. The book begins when Andy Andrews finds a few pieces of WWII memorabilia buried under a tree in a can in his yard. Like any author with a questioning mind Andy Andrews begins a journey to find the story behind the buttons, ring and photograph. His curiosity will lead him to a true story magnificent in its proportions.

When I began the book, I had no idea what a U-boat looked like, and neither did I realize how close the German U-boats came to our shores. The Heart Mender is a story of war at its ugliest and hatred for fellow human beings. It is also a love story, a lesson about forgiveness and the meaningful relationships of people in a small town. Usually, we hear about England in WWII and Germany. Not often do we hear about what was happening on our Am…

From God to You 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb

This book, 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb is astounding. I've always wanted to read a helpful Bible aide about every book in the Bible especially those books like Revelations and Leviticus. Thankfully God heard my desire. I received a copy of the 66 Love Letters which is described as "A Conversation With God That Invites You Into His Story." Thankfully God heard me.  I doubt if I will ever read another book as user friendly as this one.

The book is put together with Dr. Crabb sharing his personal conversations with God. Many times throughout the book, I thought Dr. Crabb knew my inner thoughts. I had grappled with the same questions as he grappled with through those nights. I also love the way he, Dr. Crabb, makes each book in the Bible extremely interesting and simplistic. Truly, this is a book I intend to pull off the shelf over and over again.
Reading Dr. Crabb's dedication in 66 Love Letters I realized my needs were similar to the needs or desires of his d…

The Sweet By and By Sara Evans

I am almost tempted to list this book as one of my favorites of 2009. The book is jam packed with different issues and with solidly built characters. The story takes place in Whisper Hollow, Tennessee. What a surprise to read about Chattanooga. This is a place I know well.

Jade is the main character along with her fiance Max. Each of these two characters have a past. I have always heard the old saying "let bygones be bygones." After reading "The Sweet By and By," I had to rethink this idea because no matter how much Jade or Max tried not to deal with the past it always appeared in their present moments.

While reading about the people in Whisper Hollow, I also thought about our personal choices in life. Those choices ultimately have good or bad consequences. I feel the longer it takes to say "I made this choice. It's my fault." might hinge on how long it takes before we allow Christ to enter our life. If Christ is already known, it might take longer f…