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Theolonious Rising by Judith Richards

New Orleans, Grandmothers, children friends and relatives are a part of an unforgettable storm named Katrina. I never can read enough about this storm. I thank God for the people who lived through it and those people who helped one another. Judith Richards, the author of Theolonious Rising paints the setting well. I could feel my skin wet with water and my face wet with tears. Katrina of 2005 was a dramatic and brutal time for adults and children.

Monk lives through the storm with his Grandma. While they wade through rising water and find themselves trapped behind doors, I felt the bond between a Grandmother and her grandchild. Brave Grandma does not allow the storm to deter her from remembering the past. She shares these memories with Monk. He listens closely as she talks about Grandpa. She tells how he built their home. Grandma even cracks a joke during her last moments about not being able to swim but big enough to "float."

I gained a deeper appreciation for the strengt…

The Breath of Peace by Penelope Wilcock The Hawk & The Dove Series

It is about marriage. Penelope Wilcock's "The Breath of Peace" is mainly about Madeleine Hazell and William de Bulmer. For years and years William de Bulmer was an abbot. His wife, Madeleine, throughout the years has been a Healer. After meeting one another in Yorkshire during the 14th century, they marry one another. For me it was surprising to read about a monk from St. Alcuin marrying and having such a difficult time adjusting to love and marriage. However, this is one of Penelope Wilcock's fine points. She writes about Brothers in a monastery with realism. I always come away knowing that although the Brothers and the Abbot are close to God it is not easy to act Christlike. Human nature still gets in the way.

It really did hurt to read about William de Bulmer's childhood. He dealt with quite a bit of abuse in his family. These painful memories have an influence on his marriage. I also felt pain for Madeleine Hazell. To me, she comes across as a …

Wondrous Words

Image 1. existentialism
A philosophythatemphasizestheuniquenessandisolation of theindividualexperience in a hostile or indifferentuniverse,regardshumanexistence as unexplainable,andstressesfreedom of choiceandresponsibilityfortheconsequences of one'sacts.

He believed in existentialism. It was his way of life during the seventies. 

Mailbox Monday


Thank you to Harper Collins for Resolved by Lina Abujamra and Wilde Lake by Laura Lippman from Baker Publishing House.

Wilde Lake by Laura Lippman

Laura Lippman in Wilde Lake brings us to Two Americas. One America has become historically famous. Most well known when it is sung by Billie Holiday. The song is titled "Strange Fruit." I heard my parents talk about it and other friends down through time. I tried to listen to it for the first time tonight. I couldn't do it. It's heartbreaking what Black men have suffered down through the ages here at home in America. I will listen to the rest of the song at a later time.

Thank goodness Laura Lippman gave a look at the other America. Because I am not fully equipped tonight to write about That America I will focus on the other one where Davey sings "This lovely land is mine. This lovely land is mine. This lovely land is mine..." As the song reached its climax, a scrim depicting the Tree of Life fell and somehow it seemed as if the chorus had become a living, breathing Tree of Life.

Friday 56

Image "Madeleine had spent her life collecting arts of healing. It gave her a profound sense of satisfaction to have discovered that whatever else making love may be, it is also good medicine. She chased the terrors that stalk by night clean out of his head."

Book Beginnings

Image ONE
A Murder is Announced by Simon Brett

"There were so many subjects off-limits that conversation in the presence of the Dowager Duchess of Faughstrayne was always a rather tense business, as the guests at that weekend house-party at Castle Crawsbey soon found out."

A weekend house-party in a castle, I can't imagine. Even though I hate tension in the air I wonder what the guests are talking about.

Feeling The Weight Of Lightness

"It is impossible to inhale new air until you exhale the old."  Oh my, this is difficult for me. The past gets up with me every morning and stays with me throughout the day. There are days when I find myself holding my cat like a baby. I rock her back and forth. I pretend she is one of my children or grandchildren who have become reborn. Then, I shake myself. No matter how beautiful the experience it is impossible to bring back what has gone. I become humbled like a slave before his master or like a Feudal slave before a king.

I must give Time  to God. I must bring this part of my pain before His throne and leave it there. His way is so simple and filled with infinite stars of love. He will enable me to pick up today and my tomorrows and allow me to start all over again. I am like the sea. I am free. I roll back and forth like a sea wave knowing my burden has been lightened by one who will love me
Matthew 11:30

I Have A Voice by Tyler Williams

This is an inspiring non-fiction book about the importance of having a passion. I feel the title especially the word "voice" is important. "I have a voice" means I have a reason to live now.
Because it's been difficult for me to find my purpose I handle each book written about purpose carefully. My life meaning is like God's personal voice speaking to me about how I can please Him and myself. He cares. He wants me to feel happy. I am thankful Tyler Williams book "I Have A Voice" is written simply and practically.

The author writes about his endeavors without leaving out the hard times. He made mistakes along the way. He says these moments of failure are really his teachers as he walks to success. He has been a NASCAR driver, he has been on stage as an entertainer, and he is a speaker and a singer. He shares many personal examples about his life choices. Before each chapter there are quotations. I would like to end with this one. "If you woul…


I know, I know! It's only a one line quote. I couldn't resist it. Honesty, truth, it's all here. What is it saying to me and maybe to you?

                                         "I didn't run away, I walked away by..."

A Stronger Woman Than I

Oh boy, what a hard time I'm having here. I would like to do more Bible study. I am no different from most of us, free time is hard to find. When I have free time, I might end up reading a novel, looking at patterns for stitching or just daydreaming. However, I am inspired by Sojourner Truth this morning. I am reading her Slave narrative. All slave narratives are poignant. The one I am presently reading always seems like the most perfect one, the one that meets my needs.

Without reading the narrative, Sojourner Truth's name alone speaks loudly to me. I look at her face and think of character. Doesn't it look like honesty? Truth, is written all over her face? She's fully clothed in it just like the apron worn around her waist. In prayer, I ask Sojourner Truth to take me on a Faith journey today and tomorrow and... Make me a bit stronger in my many weak places, Lord. Like you did and continue to do in each life.

I Have A Voice by Tyler Williams

Reading Tyler Williams' I Have A Voice. "Story," I hear that word or read it so often from different sources. What does it mean? It's very significant. I feel it's too big, the meaning, for me to capture. It alludes me like a butterfly. I'm going to spend time resting with the word "story." It's a surreal word, like a dream. If I can imagine, boundaries become boundless.

Everyday Use by Alice Walker

I'm still thinking about Maggie and Dee in the short story Everyday Use by Alice Walker. Which sister, Maggie or Dee, is more complicated? Are they equally complicated or not complicated at all. This sentence from the story is hard to unravel. Here it is: "She looked at her sister with something like fear, but she wasn't mad at her. This was Maggie's portion. This was the way she knew God to work."

Don't Come In~

My thoughts are poisoned with Ivy.
Tangled and dark on a forest floor
In China.
Hunted and searched by day and
By night.
Dyed ebony sewn with tears.

Have A Blessed Mother's Day~

I know, I can't help it. I'm reading again Everyday Use by Alice Walker. I love the women in this short story. There are two sisters. I'm definitely not Dee. The world seems made just for her. It bows at her feet while Maggie is more unsure of herself. And Mom is strong and able at the hardest of times. Sometimes life is hard for women. If we're strong like the mother in the story, people tend to think we don't have feelings. Our tears are just tears. Another thought is our lives are so hard everyday, another crack in our walls won't matter.

Neither of these ideas are true. Women are the same around the world. It is true that the trials in our lives are different due to geographical location and race. Still, we feel the same about the struggles we can not, at times, give voice too. Black women, women from India, women from China or Mexico and Africa are I feel like other women. When we are pushed we feel shoved and bruised like the woman who has never felt the …

It's Short Story Month, And I'm So Excited

I like short stories. So, I look forward toarrival of Short Story Month in May. There are so many short stories written in America and around the world. It's hard to pick from so many choices. Plus, I'm still enjoying Poetry month and will continue to do so until April is long gone.  So, I have picked two stories. The stories are from anthologies: One is Black Eyed Susans Midnight Birds by Mary Helen Washington and the other anthology is Flannery O'Connor A Good Man is Hard to Find.

One anthology is by a short story author I've never read. His name is Dana Crum. The title of the short story is "My Heavenly Father." It's all about a second grader in church with his grandmother. The setting is Alabama. His thoughts are so much like any second grader. He notices everything down to his shiny corduroy pants, the church ladies hallelujahs and their feathered and colorful hats. He also thinks seriously about his parents' marriage, separation and the new add…