52 Original Wisdom Stories by Penelope Wilcock

Sid and Rosie, a married couple, share their beliefs in 52 Original Wisdom Stories by Penelope Wilcock shares these religious discussions between each other.  These questions awakened within me excitement. I wanted to know the answers given to simple religious questions of mine.  For example, I've seen people walk about with ashes on their foreheads and had no idea what those ashes meant. I only knew the name of the  Holy time, Ash Wednesday. I discovered so much information in this nonfiction book.

Also, there are far more important questions addressed. Sid and Rosie discuss euthanasia and suicide. It is interesting to learn Sid's views because he is a Quaker. Rosie seems to have more of a questioning spirit. She is open to new and different viewpoints about their religion. Sid says, Rosie is definitely not "shallow." I suppose this means her questions make him think. Penelope Wilcock does not steer us into shallow waters. There are prayers at the end of the chapters. These prayers are listed under the topic "Into the Mystery." While reading these prayers, I had the chance to feel closer to God. Some prayers are very poetic. "Our small ship sails with such fragility on this huge and fathomless sea. Be our guiding star, be the wind in our sails."

Throughout 52 Original Wisdom Stories, Sid and Rosie cook and taste different foods. There are definitely not too many chefs in their kitchen. Here is a culinary quote. "The spices mustn't fry too long or they burn. Sid turns down the heat and adds the onions and garlic, moving them around, watching over them". 

At the end of the chapters are questions and comments. These topics are titled For sharing and wondering. To show the importance of the everyday ritual of meals, the reader is asked to "describe one of your favourite meals." At the end of the book, Penelope Wilcock adds Sid's recipe for lemon cheesecake. One day I hope to give this recipe a try. When experiencing a good meal, the art of conversation is  priceless. kregel.com/ministry/52-original-wisdom-stories/


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