Oven Baked Secrets by Tyora Moody

oven baked secrets.jpg
I am keeping up with this series. I love the main character, Eugeena Patterson. In this cozy, many themes are covered: Alzheimer's disease, elder abuse, interracial dating, racism and there are big, fat secrets. All of these issues revolve around the Hillcrest Manor Nursing Home. This is where Eugeena spends a great deal of time visiting her first white friend, Louise who through the years has become her best friend. Soon Louise's life will change quite a bit. Her son, William is murdered and she meets a daughter, Clarice, and a granddaughter, Roscelyn for the first time. As if one murder were not enough to deal with in her life, Louise also deals with the loss of her favorite nurse, Pat.

Eugeena does a wonderful job at playing the Snooping sleuth. It is Eugeena who constantly supports Louise through the hard times in the hospital. While doing difficult detective work, Eugeena dates Amos, her next door neighbor. I can't wait to see how this relationship will grow or not grow. I do hope they marry one another. I'm here waiting for the next book in the series. I have to warn readers there are complicated kinships involved. So, you have to keep your reading cap on your head. Surprisingly, there were a few editing errors and format problems. This didn't keep me from enjoying my trip to Charlotte, South Carolina again. Hi Miss Eugeena!(waving).


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