A Stitch In Crime by Cathy Elliott

I didn't realize that a corpse in a cozy was a criteria for me. I spent quite a bit of time waiting for Mary Alice, a dear and wealthy friend, of Thea's to die from her hit over the head. She didn't die. She remained in the hospital. Then, she recovered and was able to return home. I'm still puzzling over why the author didn't kill her off. It would have made a good mystery. Daughter and grandnephew or grandson are in the bedroom when she is whacked over the head. Sometimes Kenneth is the great nephew than he becomes the grandson. I decided to just call him Mary Alice's relative.

The townspeople know all about Larkin's Treasure. It's a well told legend. It's a Crazy Quilt. Somewhere on this quilt are embellishments or maybe a map or letter stuffed inside its creases. These are the instructions to where to find the gold. It's hard to think of the treasure because Thea, owner of the Antique Emporium is having a very hard time planning the quilt show. Dr. Cottle, one of the main judges is a no show. For a long time, I thought he was the dead body I had been looking for to make this a real whodunnit. It is a Christian mystery. There were hints of this fact being true. I didn't feel any moral truth to take away until I read about the real meaning of why Larkin's Quilt was stitched in the first place.cathyelliottbooks.wordpress 


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