POWER THOUGHTS BY JOYCE MEYER is a very special book. Of course, each book she writes is uniquely helpful to Christian growth in some way. I especially like this book because it deals with thought processes. It comes across very clearly in Power Thoughts that there is no way for me to grow without asking the Lord to help me conquer the fortresses in my mind. I must in order to please the LORD bring every thought in to captivity. There is no doubt that HE will help me. I just have to trust HIM.  In the book, Joyce Meyer gives a dozen or Twelve Power Thoughts. The twelve ways of thinking will definitely make the richest, most blessed Christian's life better. For those, like me, who have only begun to take baby steps can only expect to see their spiritual and physical lives improve. Along with a wealth of scriptures, Joyce Meyer has planted this thought-provoking book with journal prompts. These prompts are to help remove the "can'ts" from our lives. In their place will appear the word "can" over and over again until that old ugly habit of negativity becomes the new habit of positivity.  Joyce Meyer writes "I believe that miracles come in cans-our belief that we can do whatever we need to do through Christ who is our strength."

In one journal entry Joyce Meyer gives three words. "Yes, I can__________. I wrote; yes, I can become less wasteful of my time." Just writing those words made my Godly goal clearer and precise.  Joyce Meyer explains how writing down her thoughts is a help in her Christian life. If you have ever heard Joyce Meyer speak in person, on television or at a conference, you know she always tells plenty of anecdotes. Some of the stories are very funny and very true to the life of each person sitting in her audience. Her book is not different. The anecdotes made me laugh, think and rethink. In the end, It is the author's desire that we "Be mindful to be a blessing....." Galatians 6:10. Without a doubt there are forces fighting for our minds. With Joyce Meyer's 12 STRATEGIES TO WIN THE BATTLE of the MIND and GOD'S empowering strength there is a victory in sight.


Unknown said…
Good suggestion as we approach a new year and a chance to start fresh!
I work with a woman who suggested this book.Thank-you for sharing this with us..
❀~Myrna~❀ said…
Great Book Review ! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas !

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